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Samsons Gym Testimonials

Finally I have found a gym that provides for my every need!! I have been to many gyms in the Southampton area and none of them really provided the necessary equipment and qualified staff to help with powerlifting. My friend suggested that I use the free week’s pass to try out Samson’s gym, and within the first hour of training, I knew it was the gym for me. Not only does it have a Monolift, which is essential for anyone who squats heavy, it also has top class equipment and any number of dumbells, barbells and weights that anyone interested in serious training would need. The machines are top quality and there is a well equipped cardio area for those who want to improve their cardio vascular activity. There is always a friendly and well informed member of staff on hand to help if  you need advice or a ‘spot’ when training, who also give great advice on nutrition. There are a wide range of CNP products available as well as Reflex products at reasonable. Prices.

It was the BEST move I have made moving to Samsons as I have met many new friends, train in a friendly and motivational environment and I believe that because of all of the above this enabled me to win the British Powerlifting Middleweight Championship 2012 as well as the International Powerlifting Champion 2012.  Whether you simply want to get into shape, or are serious about Bodybuilding or Powerlifting, Samsons is the ideal gym for everyone.

Daniella Scozzi

Being comfortable at a gym is key proponent for staying longer and going more often, hence Samsons Gym is a place that I go most days.It is a fantastic health club with lots of space, plenty of equipment (you will not find as much free weight equipment anywhere else on the south coast) and friendly staff.Samsons Gym offers an array of extras you will not get at many other gyms unorthodox strength training, very large set of kettlebells and a serious boxing room.I have trained at many different gyms in Hampshire/Dorset areas for over 20 years there is no better place to work up a sweat than at this spot.

Kind Regards, Mandeep Sulh – WTG DBA

I started training at Samsons gym about 4 months ago and have never looked back, I started with quite a low motivation for the gym, but since being here iv achieved my goals and gained more confidence!! There is literally equipment for everything here and a personal trainer who will really put you through your paces! Danny is always looking for more ways to improve and better what is already a great gym! There’s a great atmosphere here everyone’s very friendly and always willing to help and share their knowledge from working out to diet plans!

Mandine x 

Having worked in the fitness industry for well over 10 years, I’ve been through my fair share of gyms, and can safely say there’s no better place to train than Samsons.

On a personal level, I am currently training for my first bodybuilding show, and am lucky enough to have great support network through the staff, fellow members of the gym and through my girlfriend and training partner Hayley. Training as a couple is a great way of keeping focus and drive high, and Samsons gym welcomes both males and females training at any level. Whether you’re a beginner, looking to lose weight or increase cardiovascular fitness, or a competition level power lifter, Samsons has got everything you’ll ever need to be the best you can possibly be.
Kind Regards,Liam Butt.

I have been training at Samsons for about 6 months now after working there I loved being part of the team. Everyone that trains there are always happy to help with any questions you have even if it’s about what foods are better for you to what equipment to use. I don’t feel embarrassed when I’m only using little weights as not the strongest but you can enjoy working out here without the hassle you would get from other gyms especially being a girl. Danny the owner is a great guy he is always looking to bring new things to the gym. Can’t say I would want to train anywhere else.

 Charlotte lane 

Since joining Samsons Gym 2 years ago I have managed to make some good steps towards my goal of losing fat and building muscle. I lost over 2 stone in 4 months and have now built back up to my starting weight a lot stronger.

I have done this with the help of the guys at the gym who are always willing to pass on their knowledge and give advice, especially Dan Eames, Andy Blohm, Big Chris and Big Tom.
There are always new machines arriving like the viking press to allow me to change up my routine and work on new techniques. Samsons Gym is a great place to make new friends and get fit. The owner Danny is always looking for ways to improve the gym and this is why it remains the best gym on the south coast.
From free weights to cardio, boxing to powerlifting there really is something for everyone.
I would highly recommend you take up their free trial and come see for yourself.

Julian Howard

Samsons Gym in Eastleigh is a great place to train. I have been in the fitness industry for many years, never have I found an environment that is so dedicated to getting the best results from training.  The equipment is first class and a huge variety of free weights along with heavier weights for the serious lifters.  The gym benefits from multiple training rooms where you can conerntrate soley on cardio, machine weights, boxing traning and even an abdominal training room.  I find it a friendly atmosphere to train in and there is always someone on hand to offer advice on training and nutrition. There is a massive variety of training supplements in the shop, from protein shakes, recovery drinks, clothing and other equipment. If your serious about training whether your new to the gym environment or a seasoned professional and need the right tools for the job, then get down to Samsons Gym!!!
Andrew Andreou

Samsons gym has helped me achieve my personal goal and ideal weight, the personal trainers offer a functional approach to training that other gyms are simply just lacking.Samsons gym helped me with more then just a quick weight loss fix they have helped me with a diet plan that will help me maintain my ideal physical weight, I’ve been to many gyms but samsons gym is the 1 I recommend to friends.
Michael Turner

“Samson’s Gym Are you seriously interested in improving your general fitness, strength and or shape? Do you want to train with professionals, not posers? Do you want to train in an environment where people with a wealth of knowledge are only more than happy to share it and not just be flexing their pecks in your face? As a trained boxer and someone that has played sport at a representative level their is only one gym that ticks all of these boxes for me, and that is, Samson’s Gym!!”

I have been training at samsons gym for around 6 years.
Back in the day it was called the weights room. Since it became Samsons, the new ownership has improved what was already a fantastic gym. Money has been re-invested in state of the art equipment, a sports massage therapy room and improvements to the reception area and boxing room.
The gym itself is a relaxed and friendly place to train, with plenty of help on hand from seasoned IFBB pro’s and trained staff. I started out just wanting to get in shape, and have now decided to compete with the help of some of the guys in the gym. If your looking to tone up, lean up, bulk up, or compete in boxing, bodybuilding or powerlifting, Samsons is the place to be!
Adam Moody

“I’ve trained at many gyms but stuck with Samsons. The place inspires potential and gets results. What’s helped my progress rapidly is the wealth of knowledge in the gym, amongst staff and other fellow members. It feels great to train in a friendly environment, amongst champions.”
Gurvinder Singh

I have been involved in the bodybuilding industry for over 20 years now and have seen a lot of gyms come and go. There are now so many chains which is killing off a lot of the smaller independent gyms. I believe it is like survival of the fittest and that some of these independent gyms will survive and will prosper. The reason for this is that they are run by people that have a passion along with a good business head. I find so many of the big chains have a very impersonal feel about them and often do not listen to members about the type of equipment they want. There are very few gyms around like Samson’s and I think people that train there are lucky that they have a gym like this in their area. If you have not been to Samson’s then why not give it a try as I have sent many people there for a free “taster” session and all have come back and said how well equipped the gym is and what a friendly atmosphere with staff and other members happy to spot you if you are training alone. If you have a gym like Samson’s in your area then you need to support them and help them grow.<

Paul Smith – Fitness Development

Joining Samsons Gym was the best decision i made this year. I was apprehensive at first as it seemed different to regular gyms in that its geared up for serious body builders and i thought that i would not fit in as a normal guy. However i took the plunge  to join after being given a  convincing tour of the premises by a great memeber of staff.  11 months down the line i have never been so fit,healthy and strong in my life. Far from being an intimidating place its actually a very warm and friendly place.  I’ve met some wonderful people that have given me the hints and tips to get the best out of my training.  The facilities at the gym are perfect. If your looking for a free weights gym then Samsons is the place to be.  I’ve been a memeber of other gyms and whilst they are good for training they lack good free weights that are needed to< pump the body to a great level.
As well as free weights the gym also has ample cardio equipment.It also has a boxingmartial arts room and an in-house physio. I can’t say enough good things about the place. Don’t just take my word for it. If your looking to get your body pumped or ripped take a visit and make up your own mind.
Amndeep Sulh

Hi my name is Andy Smith,and i have been a member of numerous gyms over the last 20 years. On receiving my free 7 day pass for Samsons gym, i thought i would venture inside, to see what all the fuss was about. On entry i was greeted by a cheery and professional staff member, who was only to pleased to assist me with my questions, and explain the protocol for Samsons. The reception, had an array of supplemnts for every possible need and another friendly well trained member of staff fully explained them all to me. On walking through to the gym,the atmosphere was buzzing,and i was greeted by the largest assortment of machines and free weights i had ever seen, catering for every possible muscle group and more, and i knew there and then, i was never going to get bored training here. Add to all this, a Fully equipped boxing room, and plenty of equipment for the dreaded cardio, I honestly do not think you will find better. Membership has a very reasonable monthly fee and with opening hours to suit all, from 8am till 11pm weekdays, and 7 till 6 weekends, you just cant go wrong. With the new year approaching, get down and join up, it could change your life!
Andy Smith

Just a quick one to say a big thanks to you and Samsons Gym for the support and enthusiasm to help me progress as far as I have in such a short period of time… I wasn’t sure about joining any gyms as felt like I didn’t fit in as I was fat and lazy and I only saw giants coming out of your gym…but the atmosphere is awesome and not one person has given me a bad vibe!!! Brilliant Gym Danny!! Be proud! Many thanks
Barry Chapman