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danmitchellDan Mitchell:

I specialise in Fat Loss and Natural Physique enhancements. I do this through tailored nutrition and workout plans, and I focus on a more of a life-coaching style, where I help clients manage their lifestyles and improve their health and physique by providing them solutions to their problems.

My client portfolio ranges from people struggling with obesity, Personal Trainers, to Bikini and Natural Bodybuilding Competitors. I also specialise in 12 week transformations. I have competed in a Men’s Physique Class over 178cm at the UKBFF Muscletalk Championships and placed 2nd in my class. Whatever the clients situation I am here to help!

Within the next 8 months I will be a qualified Nutritionist with a Nationally recognised certification. Get in contact with me – 07837 710 932 or email for a free consultation.







300kg squatTom Kelly

I’m 3 times British & European Raw Drug Free Powerlifting Champion and hold a number of British, European and World Records in the Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total. I’m a sponsored by Xenca alongside Laurence Shahlaei (World’s Strongest man competitior) and IFBB Pro Dan Smith as well as by Samsons Gym.
I’ve been training for 18 years and have trained a wide range of people in that time. I have an extensive knowledge and experience base including Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman, weight loss, Sports Nutrition and Sport Specific training with clients of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

Mitchell Dodman. 35 – Client
‘Tom took me under his wing about three years ago and introduced me to the world of strength training. I was fairly out of shape and of average strength. His training methods and knowledge have helped me to transform my physique, self-confidence and physical strength to a whole new level. I have just competed in 2nd Powerlifting competition and cannot wait for my next’

Steve Moir. 44 – Client and former bodybuilder
‘Tom is the South Coasts best kept secret’

Mark Finnegan. 26 – Client
‘I managed a 400kg 18” deadlift for a double today after 3 reps at 380 and squats beforehand. Big thanks to Tom Kelly for his Personal Training’

If you are serious about real progress and achieving more than you thought possible regardless of your goals, don’t hesitate to contact me on…
Tel: 07951671886


10596142_785715874812099_1656129807_nDaniella Scozzi B.A. (Hons) QTS, M.Ed

British and INternational Powerlifting Champion 2012 and 2013
British Record in Squat and Deadlift (BPU)
4th UK’s Strongest Woman 2011
3rd Britains Strongest Woman 2011
2nd Wales Strongest Woman 2012
1st Tamworth Strongest Woman 2012
2nd Southern Strongest Woman 2012
4th Britains Strongest Woman 2014
2nd Englands Strongest Woman Qualifier 2014

I love training, particularly with weights and enjoy sharing this with other women and gents!! Hopefully my enthusiasm spills over into my training and I love to witness the changes in confidence and self esteem as well as physical changes that people experience since beginning their program. I am keen to dispel the myth that women become huge from training with weights, and that they simply benefit from a more toned and younger looking physique.

Each training programme is tailor made to help to ensure that each individual can achieve their goal in a hardworking but fun environment. Make that first step and book a consultation via !!!





Luke Jones Personal Trainer at Samsons Gym

Luke Jones: 

I’m Luke Jones, General Manager of Samson’s gym Eastleigh. My passion for health, fitness and functional strength has motivated me to spend years pursuing education in the fitness industry. As a result I am a qualified personal trainer and Nutritionist (REPs Level 3).

I apply this same passion to my clients, with whom I work hard to achieve a wide range of goals, from weight loss and management to muscle and strength gains.

I have always been involved in sports since an early age and have always been interested in keeping fit and healthy. I have also completed two triathlons in 2013 for comic relief and Alzheimer’s charity.

I have worked at Samson’s since 2012 in this time I have trained with some of the best bodybuilders, power lifters, strongmen, boxers and fitness athletes in the south learning a vast amount of knowledge in many different sports.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, someone looking to get fit and lose weight or have the desire to compete as a bodybuilder or fitness model. Contact me for a free consultation 07769327334.


Nathan Feltham, Personal Trainer at Samsons Gym

Nathan Feltham: 

Hello I’m Nathan Feltham, personal trainer at Samson’s gym. I have been working here since November 2013. My passion for fitness and others wellbeing has lead me to becoming a personal trainer. As a result I am a qualified personal trainer and Nutritionist (REPs Level 3).

I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals no matter how small or large. I am very hard working with my clients trying to help them achieve their goals whether it’s to build mass muscle or for fat burning.

I have played sport for as long as I can remember, starting out as a young footballer. I have represented England schools at under 15 and under 16. My chosen sport now is volleyball where I have represented south England at under 16 and under 18 level. I have also played for England juniors. My greatest achievement in volleyball so far is to have won the UK school games and also to be the youngest player to play Super 8 volleyball.

Whether you want to be in shape for summer or want to take your physique to the next level, I can help. Contact me for a free consultation on 07850093902.




Left to Right: Stuart Gill , Danny Harkins

Danny Harkins:
Danny got his start as a young 14 year old at his local boxing club in Eastleigh. He progressed onto the Golden Ring where he was one of Stuart Gill’s top choices for the Hampshire team. After winning his Southern Area boxing fight, Danny got into coaching and private lessons where he made a good living. However, his passion lied in coaching amateur boxers, going up and down the country to various boxing shows and competitions, his enthusiasm for his fighters is still as strong as when he had his first bout himself. Danny charges £45 for one to one boxing sessions.